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Pukulan Alliance

This cooperation is a long-held dream of Pim, who on 25 February 2017 in The Hague shaped the founding of the Pukulan Alliance.

The Alliance has set itself the goal of sharing knowledge, skill, and love for "het spel". This has taken concrete form in, among other things, joint training courses, seminars and the first Pukulan Alliance Camp held last year.

It is by no means the intention to be a private group that distances itself from other practitioners. The board has set itself the goal of first establishing the organizational side, after which participation of other schools and / or persons is certainly not excluded.



The following teachers form the board of the Pukulan Alliance: 

Mr. M. Jacquard:  Pukulan Betawi (Den Haag)

Mr. L.Vodegel:  Pukulan (Breda)

Mr. B. Jacobs: Cimande & Pukulan (Lelystad)

Mr. F. Radstake: Pukulan Betawi (Den Haag)

Mr. D. Flohr: Pukulan Madura (Breda)

Mr. D. Brouwer: Setia Hati Kombinasi (Zaandam)

Mr. P.H.J. van den Broek  Pukulan Pecutan (Schagen) 

For more information visit: www.pukulan-alliance.com