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(Late) Bpk. H.S. Tulalessy

This guru besar has been inclined to introduce Pim to the mystical background of the Cimande. In this context, Pim has a profound respect for this grandmaster and the Paguron and will be eternally grateful to both.
We believe this is not the right place to give a full description of both Bpk. Tulalessy as well as the Paguron. But instead, only use the text below, as an illustration, coming from the Paguron website itself.

"Guru besar Bp. HS Tulalessy was born in 1944 in Cimahi, a very famous village in West Java. At the age of 10 he started training Pencak Silat, the noble martial art of Indonesia. Bp. Tulalessy was raised by the older generation, everything he heard and saw was about Pencak Silat and West Javanese mysticism, therefore Tulalessy is familiar with almost all types of Ilmu found on Jawa Barat (West Java). Hence he was in a fortunate circumstance to be allowed to visit all the holy places of this beautiful island ".




Through the link below to the website of the Paguron Mande Muda Mawar Suci, you will find a description and overview of the Paguron describing the (Maha) Guru Besars / pendekars by whom Bpk. Tulalessy has been taught.
You can find the above text and this overview on: http://www.paguronmandemudamawarsuci.nl/biografie.html

Source: http://www.paguronmandemudamawarsuci.nl/