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Guru besar

Founder of Pukulan in the Netherlands

(Late) "Paatje" Flohr

William Flohr was born on March 24, 1923 in Kertosono (East Java). He belongs to the first generation of those who brought a Pukulan style from Indonesia.

Although William Flohr amply deserves the title of Guru Besar, he was always simply, but respectfully addressed with "Paatje". Due to his impressive abilities, among other things, Paatje Flohr remains a household name for the second generation of Pencak silat practitioners in the Netherlands.

In Indonesia, paatje Flohr was trained in the Menagkabau of pak Ujun. He also trained with Guru Abidin and guru Sadikin, as well as Jiu-Jitsu with the Japanese Ikisaki.

Eventually, Pa Flohr ended up, through his brother-in-law, with Guru Besar Pak Husin in Surabaya. The spiritual abilities, which are part of the traditional Pencak-Silat, were practiced at a very high level by pak Husin. He learned a lot from Husin in this context.

The (spiritual) Ilmu of Pa Flohr is extremely powerful. During his lessons, the emphasis was nevertheless on the physical part, attuned to Western perception. He consciously kept the spiritual part hidden from many and he generally referred students to other teachers for this.

He supervised several students and teachers in various martial arts. Among other things, he trained Hans van den Broek in the Pukulan and developed the Pukulan Pecutan style for him.