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"Paatje" Theuvenet

Born on July 27, 1931 in Padang in West Sumatra, "Paatje" is one of the first generation Pencak silat teachers in the Netherlands.

Long ago Pa Theuvenet learned the Sabani from Tanah Abang. He trained the Cikalong with Raden Mas Soemono and later with Raden Mas Didi. He also practiced the silat style Bandrong from Petodjo with Bapak Tjing Ali.

His modesty is striking and inspired by the enormous wisdom that this guru besar has amassed in his life.
Pa Theuvenet has already passed the age of 80.

Modesty, in our culture, can contribute to people being unjustly underestimated. This also applies to Pa Theuvenet. However, those who know him well realize that the unparalleled level which Pa Theuvenet had in Pencak Silat, in particular spiritually, can be considered very rare in our Western culture.

His wisdom, skill and predictive insight make him, besides the fact that he excels in social skills in daily life, a respected man whom we like to visit. Our relationship with this grandmaster is close and of great importance for our development. He is closely involved with the Pukulan Pecutan.