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A loving father & dedicated teacher

(Late) Bpk. Hans van den Broek

My father - Hans van den Broek - was born in Bandung in 1948. He grew up with/in Indian culture. Pencak Silat and the existence of the mystical side of the Indonesian culture had not escaped him. However, the "dancing movements" (Seni) and the ignorance that comes with a young age about the spiritual aspects and their direct relationship with the Seni, were the reason that Pencak Silat did not inspire him at the time. Instead, he admired Park Young Soo (brought Taekwondo to the Netherlands) and Morihei Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido) who visited the Netherlands in the 1960s.

Eventually, he got to meet "paatje" Flohr and my father moved to Breda, where he "bothered paatje" almost daily and for years to come. Completely in line with Paatje's spiritual teaching, the lessons were always free. Paatje Flohr developed the Pukulan Pecutan for him. At that time, he met many pencak-silat teachers of the first generation, of which in his view, the contact with Guru besar "Uncle Boy" Visscher (The Hague) deserves a special place.

With the permission of "paatje" Flohr and thanks to the admirable - and skilled guidance of Guru besar H.S. Tulalessy, he was initiated and gained more insight into the path followed by traditional pencak silat styles. Which in this case was "the Cimande". In this context, contacts with the gifted and modest Guru besar H. Theuvenet were (and are) also important.

In 1985 my father was forced to stop teaching in Breda and Prinsenbeek. He had to relocate to Noord-Holland for his work. After some time he unexpectedly resumed teaching in the physical part of the Pukulan Pecutan in his living room. This grew and the garage was redesigned as a training area. In accordance with tradition, he taught a limited number of pupils, including the undersigned, free of charge.

I'm proud when i think of my father. He was known for his physical toughness, no matter how many times I have seen people try, it has remained unsurpassed. As he grew older, my father was also known for his wisdom, hospitality, and commitment.

My father withdrew in 2009 from actively, physically, teaching one group. He handed over this part to the undersigned and subsequently focused solely on our 1 on 1 training sessions.

My father, also my teacher and best friend, died on 28 April 2016 in my parental home in Winkel.

By: Pim van den Broek